I have really enjoyed staying here at Queen Alexandra’s House during my postgraduate music studies. The location is ideal if you are studying in a nearby university or college, as well as being right next to Hyde Park which is so lovely, especially in the spring and summer. I particularly love the music practice rooms on the third floor of the building where I have spent many hours! It is a beautiful historic building, and the staff are all so warm and welcoming. You feel extremely safe and well looked after here, and it’s such a lovely place to return to at the end of the day. Thank you, QAH! 


QAH has been a really unique and special place to stay: brimming with history, character, beautiful architecture and spaces, there’s simply no other student accommodation like it in London! The residents capture an amazing blend of different talents and cultures, which renders a perfect setting to meet new people, learn new things every day, and have lots of interesting conversations over supper. There is a strong and shared sense of community and common values here, which includes always being considerate, respectful, and polite to all others. The staff here are a great team: approachable, supportive, and always willing to receive ideas from residents about e.g. what events they would like to see. A highlight, for me, has certainly been the regular music concerts held throughout the year in the Drawing Room – a perfect opportunity and treat to dress up and enjoy a relaxing evening with the QAH family and friends.


Memories to cherish

Queen Alexandra’s was the best home away from home for me, a young, and somewhat scared 16 year old. For three years, my home in London was with these amazing people. I will most definitely cherish all the memories and wonderful people that I met living/working here. 

There was also such an amazing selection of food on offer at dinner time; always vegetarian and healthy options along with more of a ‘typically normal’ dish to be served. My friends and I were particularly fond of the millionaires pudding and in fact I would still run all the way from South Kensington to make dinner after finishing late if it meant getting to taste some of that chocolate caramel heaven.

I miss having a morning greeting on the way out to school and having a welcome home smile, so yes, definitely a warm refuge!  


QAH has a great spirit

A spirit of history, talent and dedication on both sides of the doorstep.

Friends for life

I have made friends at Queen Alexandra’s House that I will stay in touch with for life.

A warm welcome

QAH has a kind and welcoming community where girls feel welcome to join together to build friendships … in a city that can feel isolating at times, QAH is truly a home away from home.


Warm hearted and caring

I feel incredibly lucky to have found such a warm hearted and caring halls of residence in central London. Living in such historic and beautiful surroundings, and meeting an incredible variety of different students as well as making several very close friends has helped make my time at QAH an unforgettable experience. I would definitely recommend Queen Alexandra’s House to anyone and everyone.


A stone’s throw from the Royal College of Music

QAH is in one of the loveliest parts of London and a stone’s throw away from my university, the Royal College of Music.  There’s also a park right next to me … not bad right?


Warm, welcoming and wonderful

QAH is exactly what you need after a long day: a warm welcoming smile, wonderful and exciting people and great, healthy food.


Queen Alexandra’s House is an oasis

The prospect of moving to ‘The Big City’ is daunting. Finding Queen Alexandra’s House was just like coming across an oasis!

Apart from the location which is wonderful, it is a very happy and friendly place. It’s comforting to have a 24/7 manned reception and secure entry system. An extra bonus for me is living on the ‘Music Floor’, where I can practise in my room. Alternatively, I have the benefit of several practice rooms. My degree course is extremely busy and the in house catering saves me the worry of food shopping & cooking. It is lovely to unwind at the end of the day and chat over dinner with friends.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Queen Alexandra’s House.